Dreams of God

God Dreaming

I had an encounter of truth last week during our Church celebration.  The preacher had been opening our eyes to the fact that when we create space for God He will come and fill it with His dreams and ideas.

Over the years I have had many dreams, ideas and rudely thought they were mine. But I believe that Jesus through the Holy Spirit has shown me otherwise.   Scripture reveals the work of the Holy Spirit is to teach us and show us things from a heavenly perspective. Jesus told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would be directed by Himself as to what to reveal at any given time John17: 13 – 15.

Dreams become a reality

  • We had a dream that women who walked and worked the streets, selling themselves would not have too. They no longer do in some locations!
  • We had a dream of helping leaders equip people in sharing the Gospel. Now I run a mission’s focused Bible School and coach leaders all around the globe!
  • Just a few examples to get you thinking! I have some new dreams bubbling away too.

These dreams came from Gods heart and perspective, they are His desires; the Holy Spirit planted the seed of idea into my heart.

We think we have a great idea’s or see a need that we think we could meet, actually who gives us those ideas those dreams, whose gift of creativity are we accessing. When we are living in the Kingdom of God and following Jesus Christ then I would suggest it is God, they are His ideas and dreams.

If we give God some room in our lives and stop hurrying around being busy with people, projects, daily living demands – Jesus himself is waiting to speak, waiting for us to listen or turn our attention towards something or someone He is looking to touch with His compassionate heart.

Our role

Get close to Jesus and hang out with him more and more. Simple!!

Have a listen to my friends teaching  (Create Space) http://www.livingit.org.uk/podcast/

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