The Power of Story

What is your story?

The history of your life will impact someone. Looking back at photographic evidence of where you have been and who has been part of your life can paint a picture of the history your building into your world.


Family and friends birthdays

Days out



Church gatherings

Overseas travel

Places you have worked

Schools you have attended

We all build a historical picture whilst we are here. Not all of it will be great memories or even how we thought life would turn out. That’s fine those events are still part of your history and may tell a powerful story that impacts someone one day.

My grandma always a great optimist taught me to take photos so when I am older I can look back and see what a lovely time I have had and remind myself of the people who have been around. I used to spend hours pouring over her photos from an old tin and loved hearing stories of the people in them.

Jesus story makes a difference

Jesus built a historical picture of His life in written format. His story is still being told today and impacts millions of people around the world as they sit at the feet of someone to listen. Stories tell much more than facts they allow us to almost be in the midst of the story ourselves so we feel in some way connected.

As you gather your story and retell events from your history. Think about the story that Jesus left and how His life history can impact your world, not only the way you think but more the way you live. As I listened to my Grandma I wanted to be part of her history and live as she had lived loving sport and being with family, drinking out of china cups for tea, serving in Church (she was a worship leader). My point is this I wanted to live as she had lived and as I read and listen to Jesus history I want to live as He lived!

Read the Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John and listen for the stories of Jesus in a new way that will impact your life bringing transformation!


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