Are You Ready?



There is a great power and authority that comes with being prepared. So many people ask, “how do I do all that I am doing? “ or comment on how I always seem calm and spontaneous. My secret is that I am always prepared.


Being prepared saves others and myself around me negative experiences. There is nothing worse than walking into a room of stressed out emotions, it will never go well! There is a difference between stress and excitement. When I am with people in any context I will always want to give them quality and my full attention, this takes some preparedness.


Getting Prepared. 


  1. Stop rushing around; the world won’t stop if you do!
  2. Imagine yourself in the situations you have before you today, what will you say, where will you sit, whom will you meet, are you happy with what material you are presenting today?
  3. Practice the art of being still and restful on the inside
  4. Prioritize the things you have to do today and defer the other until a priority.
  5. People will often be the biggest demand on time and energy. Make a decision we don’t have to see everyone and spend ages with them. We are allowed to say, no.
  6. Be around people who are inspiring and creative. Iron sharpens Iron!
  7. Make quality time for reading scripture. Hanging out with Jesus days are amazing and most needed, how can we hear Gods direction unless we create hearing room. So get off the treadmill and be at peace.
  8. Do something practical and use it to think. When was the last time you went for a walk, run, cycle ride, washed up or a drive etc.  Just to allow thinking time?


So then…


When we are sharper we can do more in less time and with less energy used, leaving room for fun and time with family and friends. When we are stressed it not only hurts us but those we come into contact with.


Follow Jesus example he achieved much in His life, healing the sick, teaching followers, building communities, travelling, teaching in religious institutions, ran a business, being with family; He was a prepared man who learned that spending time with His father (God) brings revelation and peace, true preparedness.




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