Daring to Share your faith – By Alison Fenning

I have been teaching sessions on evangelism for years as well as being a practitioner both in the Uk and overseas. After spending the last twenty years sharing my faith in various ways and teaching others this is an accumulation of the how too. Packed with lots of stories from over the years and thinking through how to begin something from nothing anyone who has a heart to have ta go can pick some inspiration up and run with it.

​”This ebook gives lots of pointers and tips with room for people to be creative with their own style. A practical and easy read, for all. I think it’s transferable across denominations as it leaves room for them to put their own details in the application should leaders feel to do so.” – Michelle Smith

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Also available in KIRUNDI Language below.

Lift up your head – Kinyarwanda version – by Alison Fenning


This book has been translated in to Kinyarwanda by Ndahiro John. 

Please click the link below to download Kinyarwanda version. / ​Kanda ahanditse hepfo kugirango ukuremo.

Walking With God – by Alison Fenning

Ali book pic

In 2004 Alison Fenning began exploring the back streets of Ipswich and befriending women involved in prostitution. She quickly became known as the Street Chaplain. She prayed with people who had addictions and provided genuine care.

Soon she found herself sat in crack dens sharing communion and teaching the Bible to women on the street. She trained a small band of volunteers to help with the work. And friendships with the women began to grow.

In 2006 this ministry to the red-light district was rocked by the Suffolk serial killings as five women were murdered, several of whom Alison had befriended. Since that time Alison has continued her friendships and introduced more women to Christ. The ministry developed and also helped men with addictions too.

As people began to embrace faith in Jesus, they asked how they could live out faith against the background of their often troubled and sometimes chaotic lives.

This book is a series of ‘letters’ that reflect conversations Alison has had about how to ‘do the God thing.’

Currently only available from Amazon here…

The four doors

Alison reflects on the four doors to keep open in your life.

There is also a small book to accompany this video. Please click here to download your copy for free.

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