Making disciples takes some going

This week I have been thinking deeply about the power and authority that Jesus walked in during His ministry on earth.

What strikes me is that Jesus was a person of great vision. He knew what the He wanted to do and where He wanted to be. Often He would say to the disciples – I have come to declare and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, I can not stay in one place. All that time he walked in great power and authority.

At the end of His earthly ministry He stated to His disciples ” Go and make disciples everywhere and of every people group, as I have shown you and share the things I have explained to you” Matthew 28. Now Jesus grants the disciples His power and authority.

Today we are His disciples and we can walk in the that same power and authority. The call is to Go and share the Kingdom. This presents challenges sometimes:-

  • We may need to leave where we are
  • We will need to become risk takers
  • We will need to walk in obedience to what Jesus calls us to and not other people
  • We will need to walk in humility – the way of power and authority as Jesus did
  • We will need to ditch our pride and self boasting

Jesus calls us to follow Him, it is not about us but Him and His Kingdom.

When we follow and walk in His footsteps we really get to know Him!

Making disciples takes some going – from ourselves – to Jesus – to others

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