Part One: Recover Your Focus

Ever find yourself doing everything for others and neglecting the task that God called you for. Each one of us has significance in the Kingdom of God and a purpose. Some are called to serve others to lead, others to administrate and many others things. For myself I was called as an evangelist, to connect with those around me wherever I am and speak boldly the message of the Lord.

Do I do this? Often sadly no, I find myself preoccupied with people with other distractions or red herrings. Many people come with great ideas or want conversations that may not always be helpful. This is not always faith building and can have a negative influence as well a huge distraction. My point is this lets not get distracted by what we are not called to do.

So my time when used unwisely can be unhelpful in pursuing what God has for me and more importantly those he is wishing to touch with his good news of the open Kingdom. I am sure there are many who are distracted in this way.God requires obedient living to be our number one priority.

The Bible in the book of Jeremiah states that “ God knows the plans and purposes for us, plans not to harm but to prosper us (mind, body and spirit).” So we could use this scripture as a guideline and ask how am I prospering in my mind, body and spirit.

A) In our minds are we acting out of stability, James claims that an unstable person is double minded and will behave as if they are being tossed around like the sea.  Being of sound and peaceful mind is key to stability. This can be cultivated by stopping and being with God to check your on the pathway he has ordained for you.

B) For our body are we eating a good and healthy way. Are we keeping fit by doing some small exercise? Are we getting enough rest and sleep? Sometimes we can be vulnerable to sickness and disease by the lifestyle we live, we can wear the body down if we do not take care of our physical wellbeing.

C) In our Spirit are we feeding ourselves on the life-giving source of Jesus. Do we have time for him in our busy days or are we neglecting him. So we can do and achieve more. If so we will soon run dry and become weary spiritually. Are we active in daily worship, prayer and scriptural insight, these will lead to a healthy Spirit and comes through authentic friendship with Jesus, our saviour.

catch part two next week!



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