The fruit of our lives

“I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever lives in me and I in him bears much fruit.” Jesus (John 15: 5)

Often it can be difficult to know and discern how fruitful our lives are. Jesus Himself said we would fruitful, so we are well able. The only real measuring stick we have is to examine ourselves honestly and see where we are living as Jesus lived. Do we mirror the activities of Jesus as well as the character of the father as He did?

  • Do we have full faith and absolute trust in the Father as Jesus did?
  • Do we actively pray and seek the Kingdom in our own lives as well as for others?
  • Do we act out of love, mercy, kindness and forgiveness?
  • Are we generous with our time and money?
  • Do we demonstrate the power and authority of the Kingdom?
  • Do we teach the way of the Kingdom of God by acting with an opposite heart attitude to that of the world?
  • Jesus promises that when we walk in faith following Him, in His ways though friendship with Him we will bear much fruit! He came to reveal and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. He hasn’t stopped that work. He contiues to work through His people. That’s us!

    As we follow Him, and according to scripture, He will dwell within us through the presence the Holy Spirit, so we shall reveal and demonstrate the Kingdom, words and action.

    This week we were able to too take a team to help reach out into the world of New Age philosophy as part of a wider mission. We were able to pray for people to be healed and speak of the true source of power and authority in the spirit realm, Jesus Christ. For myself I want to be doing the Kingdom ministry as Jesus did and to bear much fruit. Paul put it like this “to Know Christ and be known by Him”.

    John15: 8 reveals that when “we bear fruit then God is honoured and glorified, then we can be sure we are true followers”. Bearing fruit in our lives is an exciting adventure that I would encourage to embrace. Step away from anything holding you back and pursue a fruitful life as a branch of Jesus Christ! Be Blessed.

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