More Than A Feeling


 Some how we have learned that to navigate through the map of life and often feelings are what we make our choices or decisions. We may catch ourselves asking the question “does it feel right” however most of the great philosophers and spiritual leaders would recommend making choices by other means to fully appreciate life.

Jesus himself has some great pointers marked out in the New Testament on successful living from His perspective, for example “do to others whatever you would like them do to you”, “it is more rewarding to give than to receive”. The Bible asks us to become followers of the ways of Jesus – when we consciously walk this way I believe we are living out of a renewed mind according to Romans 12:2 which has to be good.

Over the next few weeks I am going to explore some streams that flow form the river of Jesus that we can invest in and look at how they can impact our lifestyle. I am sure that we will find virtue and value whilst navigating the map of our lives. I think the few words below sum up a sort after feeling that many of us crave “success” and will lift us to a place of fulfilment when practiced.










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