Passionate Direction

Each one of us has a passion that is placed inside us given to us by God. Passion looks like something that really rocks your boat and excites you. The best place for us to live from is by sitting in the seat of your passion and letting that steer and direct your life.

We seem to be well able to do this from a negative perspective often worked out through negative behaviour but struggle to allow ourselves to flow in our unique positive passion. Some passions from a Christian perspective maybe prayer, scripture,intimacy with God, development, helping the poor, serving community, mission, preaching, healing and so on, reflected by the many outreach initiative of churches and organisations.

We can sometimes get so involved in others visions or passions that we can neglect our own God given passion and get distracted from investing in it. I can easily stand in the gap where I see a need and decided if no one else is doing it then I can – as Gods heart is about mercy and justice, working to turning the tide amongst the exploited poor in the world.

My own personal passion is too see a revival of people coming to Christ  and watching the presence of God transforming people through his power. Not in a spooky way but in a character transforming way. I have sometimes not always been able to express this but often I will read books on revivalists and love to hang out with people operating in revival this helps me keep that passion or vision alive for the day when the opportunity comes from God to walk in the passion.

So few questions to think through:-

Are you living from the seat of your passion?
What is your unique passion?
How will you keep it alive and in the front of your mind?

The Bible reveals that we should that we should “let the peace of God rule our hearts”. When we follow the passion inside us even if that has a high cost to us then peace will be present as we will be walking in what was always intended to be.

Jesus lived as a passionate man, He loved us and was passionate to drink from the cup of the cross (a high personal cost for him) He knew what was to come, that we would be free to live and follow Him and help others come and meet Him.

Lets dig deep to seek out the passion which we were born for.

2 thoughts on “Passionate Direction

  1. Amen Alison and looking forward to spending a day at Clare Priory with inspirational you. My friend said Rachel went so quiet when you and John prayed for her and she had a much calmer week. Believe me Rachel is very rarely quiet!!!! Bless you X

  2. Amen to that ! I also have a heart for prayer and revival and am passionate about lives being transformed by God. So disappointed that there are no more spaces left for clare priory but I pray that your day will be blessed and lives would be touched by the Holy spirit. God Bless, Linda Cochrane.

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