What Are We Waiting For?


Have you noticed that we have ideas and dreams that we want to achieve or aspire too and yet we never seem to fulfill them. They remain in the “one day I want to” section of our lives for one reason or another.

Mostly it would seem that two reasons stop us moving on in life. Firstly we don’t have the money or secondly we lack the confidence to have a go. 

I personally seem to spend most of my days in the “ I don’t have the money” or “will it work” seat. But I refuse to let those too objections dominate my choices in life. What changed for me was when I came into a fuller understanding of Gods plan and destiny for me. Below are some observations to think through:-

  1. God pays for what he orders. 

When God has someone He wants to reach and reveal His love to there will be a way and means. Our role is to be prayerful about such things and open to going where He sends Mark 16:15.

The Key here is openness.

 2. God sees me from my full potential. He has designed me in such a way that He knows I have the skills and ability to accomplish what He places before me (Jeremiah 1:5 & Psalm 139:13-16).

The Key here is to trust in that God given ability.

 3. God has granted me a renewed mind, this comes through prayerfulness and living out of the word of God. Therefore according to His word (Matthew 4:4) therefore I need not live in fear but have faith that God has good things for me despite life feeling uncomfortable sometimes.

The Key here is live as God intended. 

Don’t let life pass you by and don’t wait for things to change. Our lives need our input to bring a change. Gods door is always open so what are we waiting for?






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