1,000 miles in 10 days

 When you travel your hitting opportunities for experiencing new people and challenging situations. We have just returned from traveling overland by car and covering 1,000 miles in distance.

That 1,000 miles has brought much change in our lives. Our eyes have been opened to the lack of healthcare availability in rural Uganda. The things we take for granted in the developed world are a privilege in the underdeveloped world. 

As I sat in a waiting room of a small clinic desperate for medicine, I realized I was sat with people who were desperate everyday living in extreme poverty. To them this is how it is and they learn to cope in this unjust world.  Holding no malice to those who could be a channel of blessing; US.

For me I have learned that when there is no medicine, no home comforts, no finance there is only God. His kindness and mercy toward us on this trip has been  heart changing. 

Only one question remains now, what is my response now I know?Image

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